About Us About Us

About Us

Established in 1977, ESTAS is Turkey's first and largest camshaft production facility. Estaş, which made production for the spare parts market in the first years, has been producing camshafts for main industry companies (OEM) since 1979.


Thanks to the engineering infrastructure, simulation, reverse engineering, quality control and rapid prototyping laboratories, advanced materials, prototype development workshops and automation unit within our R&D Center, which was esta... Read more

Our Mission Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the leader of the sector in Turkey and the organization that shapes the market in the global market by constantly developing with technological innovations, giving importance to human health and rights in every field in which it operates.

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Our Vision Our Vision

Our Vision

To continue to be a pioneering institution that benefits from technological developments with our innovative solutions and products in every field we exist, makes a positive contribution by prioritizing customer satisfaction, and raises its targets with the success it has achieved from its activities by giving importance to the opinions of its employees.

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Our Policies Our Policies

Our Policies

Our main goal is to produce quality products that will provide high level of customer satisfaction and trust and to produce these products in accordance with international standards. As ESTAS GLOVES, in order to ensure customer satisfaction;


Continuous improvement of the quality management system, product quality and processes, Doing every job right the first time and continuously, All employees will be trained continuously and will meet all needs for this, Activities will ... Read more